Caricatures (live and studio)


Live Caricatures

Any event can be enlivened with a caricature artist providing both entertainment (to those gathered around watching his work) and a lasting souvenir of the event (the caricature of themselves that the subject gets to take home) for those lucky enough to attend. Black and white caricatures done in marker on 11″ x 14″ paper at a time of roughly five minutes each can provide a fun and unique experience to your next party, wedding reception, corporate event or anything else that something like corn hole can only hope to achieve! Call 1-828-393-0122 or email to book Brent Brown for caricatures at your event in the Hendersonville – Asheville – Brevard NC area!

Below is a gallery of some live caricatures I have done:

More Examples at this link.

Studio/gift caricatures by Brent Brown
Studio/gift caricatures by Brent Brown

Studio / Gift / Commission Caricatures

For when a quick, five minute black marker work of art is not quite enough, a commissioned caricature reaps the benefits of me being able to spend much, MUCH more time on the drawing (usually from a photograph) for a unique work of art to present to someone or just keep for yourself. Digitally-created (on the computer) caricatures are much easier to work with and versatile for many uses and print sizes, but some prefer the uniqueness of an “original” piece of artwork on real paper with real ink and colored pencil lines. Either is available.

Below is a gallery of some studio (digital and traditional) caricatures I have done:

More Examples at this link.